Shae's Healing Hands Massage Therapy LLC 

~Slow respiration and promote effective breathing~

Richié (shae) Ellingson ​nctmb 

Helping to facilitate the Healthiest you!

​~Stretch connective tissue and improve flexibility~

I have the luxury of coming to work every day and do something I love.  Because of that passion, I strive to be the best in my chosen field and seek out other professionals with the same high standards. I graduated in 2007 from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, since then, I have taken an intensive course in Active Isolated Stretching from Aaron Mattes RKT, LMT. It is essential to continually develop your skills and integrate them in to your everyday practice. I have honed my skills over the past seven years in: 
•Trigger Point Therapy
•Sports Massage
•Deep Tissue
•Swedish Massage
•Active Isolated Stretching
I have focused my techniques because I feel that this specialization offers my clients the best experience. I have worked with many gifted chiropractors and massage therapists in spa settings and at fitness centers, but never found complete fulfillment in those settings. In 2010, I opened Shae's Healing Hands and soon after started working with two highly professional  chiropractors dedicated to the art of healing, Dr. Scott Oswald and Dr. Carrie Oswald of Mobility Fit as well as an acupuncturist , Kristi Berry of Berry Wellness. In 2012 I expanded to Champlin, Mn and started working with Velocity Sports Performance as part of their on site Health Care Team.