Brad o.

Shae's "healing hands" introduced me to massage therapy about a year ago and since my initial visit I have been hooked.  After suffering a lower back injury playing basketball I have seen her numerous times  and I can't explain how much better I feel after each visit.  There was even a day where I struggled to tie my own shoes and I left feeling loose and flexible once again.  Since I have been seeing Shae on a regular basis I have yet to have any setbacks and I feel confident my back will stay strong for along time to come.  I highly recommend giving her a try!

Megan H. 

I am a triathlete/fitness fanatic and have been going to Shae for sports massage therapy. I have been amazed with the results. She is quick to determine any problem area and her healing hands really made a lasting difference in my overall well-being. After having my body worked on, I train and race better. I feel absolutely amazing after leaving the appointment. Shae takes the time to get to know you, makes you feel comfortable, and is hands down the best massage therapist; no one compares!

Mark H. 

Age: 28
Health Related Interests: Fitness, Endurance Competitions, Races Ranging from 5K runs to Ironman Distance Triathlons, Racquetball, Volleyball Accomplishments: Completed Two Ironman Races, several Marathons, qualified for Boston Marathon twice with a personal best 3:00:13 time, 2nd place sprint triathlon finish, part of Team Pearl Izumi – Midwest, PR 5K of 15:52, PR mile of 5:02 

In January 2011, I set out to take on a lifelong goal of completing an Ironman distance triathlon. I signed up for the Ironman in Louisville, KY and began to train. Over the next 9 months I put hundreds of miles on my feet, thousands of miles on my bike, and even did some swim training (a lot actually). I was committed to pushing myself past my limits and did so for months on end and saw results in my speed and endurance, but also started to feel the wear and tear of Ironman training. By the time the race came around in August of 2011, I had tendonitis in my knees, which made biking 112 miles very painful and I could not maintain the power I wanted. Running was alright at this point. I finished, beaten up a bit, but I did it. Fast-forward to April 2012, my wife and I had signed up for the Florida Ironman and training was well underway. One day I went out running with my wife and at 3 miles I experienced intense pain in my knee (the opposite one from the prior year). At this point I could bike in pain, but now I had pain running, and it would show up early and an intensity that would make me sick to my stomach. This was it, I was done, broken on the bike and the run. I tried 3 massage therapists and saw no results. I set out to try acupuncture, got a referral and dialed the wrong number and ended up talking to Shae. She explained her approach and that of the acupuncturist and was confident she could fix me up. I went to Shae later that week, she made me squirm as she worked on the true cause of my knee pain (not my knee), it was my lower leg. I went to Shae 3 times and I was back to running 13 miles almost entirely pain free, and biking? Zero pain. 20 miles, 50 miles, 114 miles, didn’t matter! I was back!! Later that year I qualified for Boston Marathon, taking off 24 minutes from my previous marathon time, and I took 1 hour (yes, 60 minutes), off of my Ironman distance bike! I have seen Shae for the last two years and have recovered faster and seen better results in my training (because pain does not slow me down anymore). 2013 was a year of personal bests through triathlons and runs, and zero injuries. I could go on and on (like my legs now thanks to Shae), but I’ll end with saying Shae is incredible at what she does, and she has made a big difference in my performance and well-being. 

Shae's Healing Hands Massage Therapy LLC 

~Improve muscle tone and decrease deterioration~

~Reduce Tension headaches and mental stress~

What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do. ~ Walt Disney